Black roll, 2018

The throbbing sound of pneumatic rubber on the long Canadian asphalt ribbon is the birth of a long journey, a long awaited photographic manna. Francophonie in North America,
limitless horizons, adventure at hand, no adversity to disturb the happiness of the road. Exposure and light permissive exposure and light, inverted negatives, black roll in profusion,
depth of field at the limit of the lens, this is the exhortation of the silver camera with multiple triggers. The change of scenery makes the difference, the place names follow one another
and the St. Lawrence has not changed its bed. Uninhibited driving, infiltrating the natural environment by the only road the beauty of the place, anthropization is banished.
Calming the moose that have been flushed out to avoid a collision, the Gaspé is unmasked.