Homes, 2018

The animated sensation of the wind in the meanders of the timber, the pressure on the joints, the winter's bad weather regaining its feet. Melodious is the music
of an enthusiastic blizzard infiltrating between the boards of the cladding. Roof slopes take on a mountainous verticality, it is the nightmare of the snowy coat,
heavy and compact is the fall. Old barns with soft wood and hardwoods announce the beginnings of a subsidence and an irremissible debauchery. Antique woods
for historical monuments, the octagonal rubs shoulders with the circular and the rectangular, Coaticook is caught by the throat and suspended from its fate.
Without question, the sheet metal roof does not take flight under stormy conditions, oxidized paint with falling scales joins the worm-eaten floor, it is the remains
of our ancient builders who came from another continent.