Oscillations, 2021

"Oscillations" is a photographic journey that covers thirty years in the photographer's daily life, his world with his wife, his children and his various places of life
and travel. A delicate and sensitive work in the image of the artist who immortalizes on film his ordinary moments filled with love of love and tenderness,
but also the trials, doubts and sorrows without ever, whatever happens, giving up on happiness. His images, often shrouded in a twilight atmosphere, the signature
of his photographic writing, are a personal testimony to the passing of time. This unspeakable moment, always in motion where the oscillation of emotions provokes
multiple feelings and punctuates the daily life of every human being.

This succession of images has been constructed to form a book which, wrapped in a cloth cover, could have about 150 pages where 76 monochrome photographs
would be distilled into a single book. photographs would be distilled with understanding.