Double Deckers. London, United Kingdom. 2019.

The photographer gazed at users of the London bus network of around 400 lines and over 15,000 stops. It is certainly a labyrinth of transport possibilities
where it is imperative to know your city well. The photographer has multiplied the rotations on different routes of the city center in order to immortalize
this “so British” atmosphere. For the price, it is much more interesting than the “black cab” reserved for the better-off. The flow varies depending on the traffic
and the line chosen, as for attendance, around 900,000 passengers travel morning and evening with this mode of transport. For Londoners, the double-decker
bus remains the most simple when you can't stand the underground connections of the metro. Climbing to the first floor of these buses becomes a real treat
for the eyes, so watching London life becomes abundant. Along with the metro, this mode of transport is the most popular, a guarantee of keeping in touch
with the inhabitants of this great metropolis.