Christophe Lavaud is a French photographer. The day he was born, the Rolling Stones released their first album in the United Kingdom. At a very young age, he began his photographic journey by immersing himself in the books of the greatest photographers, with already a pronounced taste for black and white images. As a teenager, he became aware of his affinity for the visual arts and then worked for several decades in the media world as a creative. In 2015, he decided to devote himself to photography as a self-taught artist. 

In January 2022, he became a member of Divergence Images, an independent platform of freelance photographers, which distributes some of his work. Since then, while continuing his "news" activity, he has concentrated on a more personal genre of documentary photography. He regularly responds to commissions, but in his own work, he strives to magnify reality, through the practice of instinctive photography where his perception of things and his state of mind take on all their importance.





2022 - Group exhibition of Divergence Images photographers, "Le Fil d'Ariane" during Les Rencontres de la Photographie. Arles, France.
2022 - Member of Divergence Images, an independent platform of freelance photographers. January 1st 2022.
2021 - Solo exhibition. Office de Tourisme du Quercy Caussadais, Carré des Chapeliers - Les Récollets 82300 Caussade, France.
2020 - Solo exhibition. "La courtoisie de l'abandon" Office de Tourisme, 24 boulevard des Fossés, 82270 Montpezat-de-Quercy, France.
2018 - Group exhibition. "Impression de Mai". Rencontres photographiques de Cugnaux, Quai des arts, 31270 Cugnaux, France.
2017 - Digital publication: L'Œil de la Photographie, "Broken Lens".
2017 - Contributor for London agency Millennium Images for his monochrome and colour photographs.
2017 - Finalist in the 2016 photo competition for the French magazine PHOTO, Jan/Feb issue Paris, France.
2016 - Photovogue, Vogue Italia.
2016 - Digital publication: Interview, Inspired eye, "Spontaneity".
2016 - Digital publication: The Eye of Photography, "The colours of autumn in Paris".
2016 - Digital publication: Eye Photo Magazine.
2016 - Member of the collective OnEdgeStreet, a website exploring the cutting edge of street photography today.
2015 - Group exhibition. "Montreal Nocturne". Montreal History Center, at 335 Place d'Youville, Old Montreal - Montreal, Canada.
2015 - Group exhibition. "Montreal Nocturne". Hall of Honour of the Montreal City Hall, 275 Notre-Dame Street East - Montreal, Canada.