Baltic sea

For the first time in 2017, the photographer captured some scenes of life as he walked the streets of Stockholm, the capital city
located on a vast archipelago archipelago in the Baltic Sea. For a few days, he photographed in black and white the different
districts of the city, with a particular focus on the less touristy streets and areas and the less touristy areas. His aim at the time
was to capture the Nordic atmosphere in areas such as Södermalm, a former working-class suburb that is now a trendy youth
district. In spite of everything, the Swedish character imposes calm, wrapped in a controlled tone, no loud voices or laughter.
So, as a silent and discreet witness, the photographer has brought his gaze, conciliatory and sensitive, with a certain documentary
approach to live his moments of documentary approach to experience his moments of pleasure in the heart of the Swedish capital.
Stockholm, Sweden. 2017.
Baltic Sea