For several days, he photographed the main Danish coasts exclusively with black and white silver film in 24 x 36 format.
From the fishing harbours of Fionie, the cliffs of Seeland, the industrial harbours of Central Jutland, the endless beaches of North
Jutland, the long roads on the North Sea side, the grassy dunes on the Baltic Sea side; he has travelled about 1,800 km along
the Danish coast. With this series, the photographer takes us into the autumnal melancholy where the slightest burst of light draws
us into the depths of his twilight-like pictures. His images come together to form a long coastal path where the relative calm
of the Baltic Sea gives way to the fury of the North Sea and its violent winds, to take us into the forgotten history of the Viking
*Grenen Point, in northern Denmark, is the meeting point of two straits, the Skagerrak and the Cattegat.
Denmark, 2021.