Originally, 2019

Yellowed paper, a travel diary with family roots, is the birth of a psychological emotion with contradictory impulses. The slamming awakens the leather ball which crashes
on the pediment, Basque deities of the Cesta Punta, the hour of the siesta is waiting. The espadrille string marks the foot, the sheep belongs to the cheese, the light
breaks in on Iraty, a daytime temperature secretly takes place. Fussing would be pointless, the eel has understood everything, snaking its way through the Nive far from
the ocean in order to retreat, meeting at the top. Surfing the Basque coast, feasting on the sand of Socoa, it is the surf and its currents of memories that settle in.
August thunderstorms, the joyful smell of dried ham on top of the oilcloth, the incessant sweep of flies swirling around the bag, the pig's feet on the pig. No reduction,
no more shortcuts, the Basque heart and soul are at the origin.

"À l'origine" is a hybrid work that establishes a dialogue between the family album of her mother, a native of the French Basque Country, and her own documents
and monochrome photographs of the Basque Country.