Ireland colors

Cork appeared under a blanket of clouds, and the ferry entered the bay at a slow speed to shiver under the caresses of the Celtic Sea along its sides.
On this journey, he set out to circumnavigate the Irish coastline in an anti-clockwise direction. Stepping off the boat, he headed north-east, quickly skirting
the magnificent Wicklow Mountains to the south of Dublin and then passing through the city of James Joyce without a care in the world. In the colours
of the Union Jack, Northern Ireland revealed its identity. Heading due north, the wind picked up and the rain fell on the Causeway Coast, the pub opened
its doors and the Bushmills-based Irish coffee warmed him up. After regaining his composure, he returned to the Republic through the heart of Donegal,
his favourite county. The downhill drive along the west coast delighted him, once again, with the Irish welcome and the improbable light on this Atlantic coast.
Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. October 2023.