The Queen of England. London, United Kingdom. 2015 and 2018.

During three trips to Her Majesty's capital, the photographer has worked to capture the daily lives of the anonymous inhabitants of this great metropolis
in order to create a base of memory before the United Kingdom definitively leaves the great European family. One could not think of a city of this importance
without considering its social dimension. Behind the sometimes deceptive appearances, a cohabitation is creeping up as best it can between its central
districts where cars luxury and bespoke suits intersect ordinary office workers and housekeepers from the outskirts of London where social exclusion
has taken hold. Christophe Lavaud approaches his subjects with the necessary tact in an aesthetic and natural approach in order to keep all the spontaneity
of street photography. The choice of black and white avoids the distraction of the gaze and allows to highlight the strength of the materials and the lights,
the regular signature of his work.