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The following conditions formally commit signatories of this transfer contract. Each of the signatories say they have the necessary representation powers.

Ownership of this website http://www.chrislavaud.com is the owner and operator of this website. All content produced or made available on this website, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, photographs, (hereinafter «the Content») is the property of http://www.chrislavaud.com and content providers.

All the elements, all photo and / or text http://www.chrislavaud.com website, including but not limited to, the general design and content are protected by patents, copyrights, copyright, trademark or other laws on the protection of intellectual property. Except as expressly authorized under this agreement or another agreement signed with http://www.chrislavaud.com or one of its partners, neither party nor any part of this website or its content may be copied or retransmitted by any means whatsoever; this website, its content and all related rights shall remain the exclusive property of http://www.chrislavaud.com or beneficiaries licenses, except otherwise expressly provided.

You shall indemnify http://www.chrislavaud.com, its subsidiary, beneficiaries licensing all losses, expenses, costs, damages incurred due your failure to comply with this Agreement or unauthorized use of the content and the rights to it.

Rights of use
When a user license is granted by http://www.chrislavaud.com, the use of the image is specified in the bill and can not be used for other purposes without the prior permission of http://www.chrislavaud.com. The license you specify the media type, language, and territories and allowed time to use. A license granted by http://www.chrislavaud.com not in any way constitute a declaration of compatibility of use of this image with other content. Any misuse will result in the breaking of the contract and downloading a prosecution before the competent legal authorities.

Any license to use an image is subject to pricing. The cost is based on the definition of the use of the image. It will be calculated by criteria such as number of copies, media type, size reproduction, dissemination territories and whether the requested use is exclusive or not. http://www.chrislavaud.com calculates the cost based on the information provided by the recipient license. False information could result in additional cost compared to the established contract and can even lead to cancellation of the contract.

For publication of a licensed photography, http://www.chrislavaud.com name must be credited for any reproduction of his work. The credit line should contain «Http://www.chrislavaud.com». The preferred location for the credit is on the side of the image or in the section of photographic thanks and credits. For any advertising or commercial use, we ask that the license recipient do his utmost to bring up the credit.

Images published
http://www.chrislavaud.com request to receive at least two copies of any publication containing an image reproduction.

Disagreements and complaints
Users of this site agree that the web words quoted above are from article of the code of commerce and intellectual property and agree to comply. Any objection to this content, must be made in writing within 10 days. This contract shall be interpreted according to French law to contracts concluded and executed in France. In case of disputes on the occasion of this contract or non-performance, the parties are exclusive powers of jurisdiction to the competent courts of Paris.