My heart for Paris. France. Between 2015 and 2019.

On several occasions and for five years, the photographer visited Paris. He photographed the lives of ordinary people in different boroughs in black and white
from the capital. Young already, he liked to accompany his grandfather in a bookseller to observe, passers-by and tourists paying all their attention to the books
wrapped and the various engravings arranged in the boxes. Today, his observation has changed, it is that of a photographer, attentive to light, to composition,
but above all, working to immortalize this Parisian atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. He was born and lived a few years in Paris, but beyond
out of all sentimentality, he manages to capture, with a certain kindness, images full of melancholy and serenity. In this series, his photographs form
a memory book for those who no longer take the time to observe and contemplate Parisian life.